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About Us

CURATED. is a Miami Beach based luxury home design studio focused on delivering inspiring, high-end interiors for luxury residences, hospitality concepts, and commercial projects across South Florida, nationwide US, throughout the Caribbean, and in select European destinations.

A Touch of European Allure: CURATED. is an Austrian-led luxury interior design firm with a process-driven international team that's renowned for meticulous attention to detail. We transcend expectations to craft bespoke interiors harmoniously intertwined with sophisticated European sensibilities. Our full-service interior design firm always works from a set of guiding principles: a highly-collaborative spirit, seamless communication, meticulous project management, and above all: thoughtful design that looks and feels amazing.

Our versatile approach to space planning and home interior design allows you to choose from a wide range of CURATED. styles including contemporary, coastal, modern, mid-century modern, and transitional. We’re even able to accommodate clients who may be working within the confines of tight timelines with our Instant Interiors™ service: Interior design on the fast track.

The design practices we embrace at CURATED. do much more than deliver enhanced aesthetics and make your space feel more upscale. We leverage the natural advantages of time-honored design tenets to seamlessly accentuate an air of graceful elegance and refinement, while we simultaneously push further and endeavor to optimize your spaces in ways which effortlessly empower you to live your best life within them.